2001 BMW M Coupe

Sold 9/25/2005

You know you want this M Coupe!  I certainly did when I bought it in December 2001 with less than 6,000 miles from the first owner.  The vehicle was originally purchased in Santa Barbara, California on June 15, 2001.  I have owned it and driven it around Southern California ever since.  I am in the car wash business and have always done my best to keep it looking great.  It has always been garaged.  This car is Black Sapphire with chrome factory wheels and tinted windows.  There are numerous Leather Z upgrades in the interior as well as an awesome sound system.  6 disc changer, high powered amplifier and all new speakers and subwoofer make this $3,000 stereo upgrade sound better than your living room.  Performance wise everything is stock and all scheduled maintenance has been performed.  While I love the performance and handling of this awesome car, it has never seen a track or had the privilege of racing an 18 year old punk in a 1971 Camaro.  The fact is that I squeezed 30,000 miles out of the original tires before replacing them.

The M Coupe is currently my "weekend car."  Actually, I typically drive it on Tuesdays when I don't need to drop off or pick up my daughter who is almost 2 years old.  With my daughter starting preschool soon and a new baby due in a month, I definitely won't get to drive it as much as I would like.  So I have decided to sell it and make my additional car something with a little more utility.  Hopefully you will love this car as much as I have.  If I had a four car garage, I would keep it just to look at it each morning.  Fortunately, I have taken enough pictures to post in my garage to help keep the memory alive.  But enough sappy stuff...

I am a perfectionist with my cars, but, of course it is nearly impossible to have a car that is 4 years old without a chip or scratch.  With 37,800 miles currently on the odometer, this Coupe has done some high speed freeway driving here in Southern California and picked up a few chips on the front bumper and hood.  Being in the car wash business, I am able to polish any minor scratches and my dent repair man has fixed one ding on the hood from a flying rock.    If you are serious about buying this car and you can't come see it in person, I can email you pictures of any minor imperfections in the car.  Of course, you would really have to look hard to find them!  You can also ask some of the guys on the Roadfly forum who saw my car at Dorkfest exactly how good the condition of this vehicle is!

I would love to find a Southern California buyer who will fall in love with this car and give it a good home.  I also understand that people search across the country to find cars like these.  I know nothing about shipping cars, but I would work with anyone outside of Southern California who is a serious buyer.  Contact me and we can talk!

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Sold 9/25/2005